Introduction to Online Tutorials

An online tutorial may be a self study activity designed to show a selected learning outcome. they’re sometimes delivered via flat solid however can even be created offered via the web or on a DVD. There square measure 2 main forms of on-line tutorial that we tend to sit down with as Recorded and Interactive.

Online courses & tutorials help the user in learning like using software, videos game, or a lesson. In online tutorials, the students and the teachers are at present physically different locations, connected to each other via help of Internet. Online learning has benefits. It provides freedom to the learners to learn at their convenient location, convenient time and at their own pace of learning. Also, there is no discrimination of age, caste, gender, background, or the qualification of the learner. The tutorials may be enriched with audio & video information, which makes learning more enjoyable and attractive. Also, tutorials and tests are available for almost all topics, sometimes in regional languages also.

The tutorials may require different kinds of interaction with the user :

  • Video/slide tutorials where the video or slides of lectures are available. The learner can visit the site and view the tutorials.
  • Interactive tutorials require the user to follow the instructions, perform the desired action and get a feedback.

Webinars are real time lecturers,where users participate in the lecture, may ask questions, and get their queries answered.

Webinar : These are the real time lecturers where users participate in the lecture, may ask questions and get their queries answered.

Some Online Educational Sites :

1. Khan Academy is an educational website. It’s created in 2006 by educator. The website hosts tutorials on different subjects, like, mathematics, history, physics, chemistry, civics, and economics. The learner can view the videos lectures at their convenience.

2. Udacity. org is a site which offers online courses for development of technical skills. It claims to provide projects built by technical leaders like Google and AT&T. The site provides verified certification for a fee.

3. & provide high quality of online courses for free, in collaboration with various universities across the globe. They aim to provide free online education through its partners world wide. The courses include topics from humanities, science, and engineering including courses at school level. These sites is also provide verified certificates for several courses for a fee.

4. offers free tutorials in all web development technologies like HTML, CSS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT & PHP etc.

5. creates and provides quality, innovative online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy and math skills needed to be successful in both work & life. It has 750 different lessons provided absolutely free. It’s a world wide leader in online education.

6. eAgeTutor. Com: It’s provides learners with one-to-one tutoring along with assessment. They provide tutoring on subjects like Mathematics, Science, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and English.

7. is a NCERT portal that provides online learning resources in the form of e-books, journals, questions papers, children books etc.

In addition to learning, there are several sites that allow the students to test their knowledge. These websites hosts tests in different subjects. The learner can take a test and get evaluated. For example…., /grammar – test.php. It’s a site that allows a learner to test their English grammar, for free is site for standardized test of reading and verbal reasoning skills designed by the USA-based Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for use by law school in India.

Case Study : Online Tutorials

1. Requirement Definition :  The problem statement is identified.

(I) Feasibility : The economic and technical feasibility of the project is discussed and its found to be feasible. So, we proceed with the project.

(II) Scope : How to develop her skills in anytime & any anywhere.

2. Design :

(I) A map of the web application site : It contains essential information about the structure of the site. The pages and relationship between them.

(II) Database : It is decided to create the table in the database.

3. Implementation : Create backend database, front-end databases and the connectivity between them.

4. Test : After having implemented the complete application test the application with random data. Test each feature and functionality of the application. Fix the bugs, if found & retest.

Benifit of Online Tutorials :

Studies show that student’s do higher with their learning once the oldsters ar concerned in their education. In an internet tutorial atmosphere, folks act as instructors for his or her e-learning expertise. They make sure that their assignments and work ar completed during a timely manner. much they supply support and encouragement to their kids.
Parents not solely encourage in on-line|a web|an internet} faculty atmosphere however conjointly support in online learning. they’re with you at any age of your learning method. As a faculty student, you wish a lot of attention and support from them. you ought to see folks as your secondary educators. Whenever you’ve got any technical issues on the web site or associated with any idea and theories, folks assist you in rectifying those issues for effective learning.

1. Pliability : Student’s have the freedom to juggle their careers & school because they aren’t tied down to a fixed schedule.

In a traditional classroom setting, class meeting times are set, & the student has no power over this, forcing them to work their schedules around these dates.

2. Convenient : The Students can access anytime anywhere – from home, while travelling, etc.

3. Price Comparison : In this Competitive world, a service may be provided by several providers. And the student’s to check the price, compare them and get the best deal.

4. Making Choices : In online booking, the students can see the arrangement of classes and select a particular Class, etc.

5. Discount Scheme : The Students can avail the special discount scheme provided by the service provider.

Success of Online Tutorials :

There square measure few things additional necessary than your child’s education. Today, folks have additional resources than ever to confirm that they get the tutorial experiences they merit.

Online tutoring has emerged together of the foremost effective solutions to the challenge of providing a comprehensive education for a toddler.

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