What are Viruses, Worms & Trojan Horsea

A worm is comparable to a virulent disease by its style, and is taken into account to be a sub-class of a virulent disease. Worms unfold from laptop to laptop, however not like a virulent disease, it’s the potential to travel with none facilitate from someone. … A computer virus isn’t a virulent disease. it’s a damaging program that appears as a real application.

Internet is haven for viruses, Worms & Trojan horses. These gentlemen roam around the Internet as if it is their ancestral property. The destruction caused by notorious viruses like Melissa and Love Bug is still in the memories of people. In this section this section let us discuss the prevential and remedial measures against viruses, Worms & Trojan Horses.

Computer viruses is a piece of code that attaches itself to an executable file or email attachment. When we execute an infected executable file or open an infected email attachment then virus spreads in our computer. Virus cannot spread without human intervention such as executing an infected file or opening an infected email attachment. Virus can play havoc in your system, it can delete your important files, it can also destroy your hard disk. Today, viruses spread mostly through email attachments.

Worm is a malicious program that replicates itself in large numbers, as a result your computer runs out of memory and system comes to halt. Worm doesn’t need a human intervention to replicate itself. Worm enters your computer through downloaded files on Internet, finds a security hole in your machine, and then replicates itself in large numbers. Worm generally attaches its replica to every address listed in the address book. Worms then also get engaged in the process of searching and infecting other uninfected machines on the Internet. Worm has amazing capacity to travel across the network and are infamous for bringing down the corporate networks.

The Worm named Worm.ExploreZip is worth studying. It contains a malicious payload. It resides in outlook or outlook Express. It attaches itself to outgoing. It also takes search of mapped drives & machines that are networked to your machine. It damages the files with files extension like that…,.. h,. C,. cpp,. asm,. doc or. ppt on your machine or networked machines. Generally, we receive this Worm as an email attachment file named zipped_files.exe that sounds like a benign file. When you run this executable file, it copies itself to Windows System folder with the filename Explorer.exe or to Windows folder with the file name setup.exe. This copied file is then executed each time you start the W8. Ever execution gives it a chance to multiply itself & spread to other machines.

Trojan horse is a malicious program disguised as some useful program. It is a stealth foe. We download these “useful” programs on the Internet. When we run this program, Trojan horse gets activated, and it harms our system. The harm done by a Trojan horse varies from Trojan horses to Trojan horse. Apart from deleting the files on hard disk, Trojan horse also creates a backdoor in our system that gives easy access to malicious users. Unlike viruses & worms Trojan horse

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